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A library for various muxing and automation tools for anything and everything fansubbing related.
The guide here is essentially a glorified examples section but I heard it works well enough.

muxtools contains all functionality that's possible without having vapoursynth.
vsmuxtools is the extension to it that adds some more functionality to some existing functions but also adds all video encoding stuff.
It also exports everything from muxtools so you should ever only have to use/import vs-muxtools if you have vapoursynth.


Git is always the most updated one obviously but I can't guarantee that everything is in a working state.
vs-muxtools depends on muxtools so you should uninstall both and reinstall starting with muxtools if you need latest git.

pip install git+
pip install git+

You can also grab the latest stable ish versions from pip.

PyPI version

PyPI version