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External Dependencies

* = Cannot be auto downloaded on runtime
** = Cannot be downloaded using scoop


You only really need x264 and x265, depending on what you wanna use.
I recommend these specific versions. Easily buildable on any platform if you're not on windows.

FFV1 is included with FFMPEG (see below)

Other Utilities

    Probably the most important utility for this package.
    It's used for TTA, FLAC, W64 and AIFF audio encoding and also ensures valid input for every other encoder.
    Also used to extract existing audio track from other releases/containers.
    Oh and of course used for FFV1 lossless video encoding.

    If you're interested in AAC encoding via FDK AAC you might be interested in non-free builds like these on GitHub or those on scoop.
  • eac3to
  • SoX*
  • MKVToolNix/mkvmerge/mkvextract*
  • opus-tools
    Used for opus encoding
  • qaac
    The best encoder for AAC, but it does ALAC aswell.
    This one has a few quirks, like needing iTunes either installed or its libraries.
    Here's some detailed information in that and here are links to both iTunes Libs and a libFLAC you might need.
  • FLAC (libFLAC)
    Used for FLAC encoding
  • CUETools**
    Also used for FLAC encoding but with the FLACCL encoder instead.
  • LossyWAV***
    A lossy preprocessor you can use for FLAC and Wavpack to achieve smaller sizes.
    Doesn't really have any advantage over a good lossy codec besides being funny.
  • Wavpack
    Another lossless Codec one can use if they feel like it.

  • Aegisub and aegisub-cli
    Aegisub is basically the go-to subtitle editor. Useful for all kinds of subtitle related stuff.
    Aegisub-CLI is (currently) only used for resampling in muxtools. Simply download it and place it right into your aegisub install folder.
    (And don't forget to make sure that the install folder is also in your PATH)

    For better resampling results, you might wanna get the Resample Perspective script in the Aegisub DependencyControl menu.

TLDR, I don't care

You can also use the muxtools CLI functionality to automatically install everything not marked with ** on windows.
It will only ask you for tools you don't already have in PATH.

Simply run muxtools <deps/dependencies> and you will find yourself getting prompts for everything.

If you already have tools like SoX, Eac3to and qAAC installed, you might still want to have updated libraries for them.

To get those you can run muxtools <libs/libraries>.
(No need to do so if you did deps before this because that will run both)