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Subtitles & Chapters


Uh... there are a lot of subtitle processing functions in the SubFile class.
It would probably take a lot of time to explain them here again so go read the docs.

Basic Usage

from vsmuxtools import SubFile, GJM_GANDHI_PRESET, GlobSearch, dummy_video

# Might be worth noting that none of this touches the original input file
# A copy to the work directory is always the first step
# You can simply chain everything like this as they all return the SubFile object again
subtitle = SubFile(R"test.ass") \
    .resample("random video.mkv") \
    .restyle(GJM_GANDHI_PRESET) \
    .merge("opening.ass", "opsync") \

# Also possible to resample with a dummy video
# Might be worth noting that not specifying a video at all will always create a 1920x1080 dummy video
subtitle.resample(dummy_video(width=1920, height=1080))

# You can do a basic merge of more 2+ files like this
subtitle = SubFile([R"dialogue.ass", R"signs.ass"])

# ... or with a GlobSearch
subtitle = SubFile(GlobSearch("*_en.ass", allow_multiple=True, dir="./subs/english"))

# Finally you can collect fonts
fonts = subtitle.collect_fonts()

All of those subtitle variables are a SubFile object.
To get the filepath you simply do subtitle.file.


As usual, check the docs for all the available functions you can use in Chapters.

Note that this doesn't include the src_file part because it's not in muxtools.
For that, check this.

from vsmuxtools import Chapters, src_file

# If you pass a src_file it will try parsing it from the BDMV playlists if it detects a BDMV file stucture
# ofc it will also account for the trims
JPBD = src_file(R"F:\BDMV\Main Disc\BDMV\STREAM\00002.m2ts", trim=(24, 500))
chapters = Chapters(JPBD)

# then you could set the names like
chapters.set_names(["Prologue", "Opening", "Part A", "Part B", "Ending"])

# You can also manually define chapters like this: (obviously frame numbers)
chapters = Chapters([(0, "Prologue"), (2110, "Opening"), (4268, "Episode"), (32981, "Ending")])

# You can easily save the chapters to a ogm file with this
# If you don't pass your own output path it will default to "current workdir/chapters.txt"